Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring is one of my favorite seasons. I love to wake up in the mornings to the sun coming through my window and the birds chirping their little hearts out(I wish that was all they did though, I am having a great problem with them leaving surprises all over my car but, that is a totally different story for another time and on another blog) Anyways, I decided to grab my Canon and capture God's creation! Along the way I picked up another Photographer, my youngest brother Gabe. I have four brothers so I cherish the moments that I get to spend with them individually. For some of the shoot, I handed my camera over to my fellow Photographer and let him snap a couple of pictures. I will admit my heart did make its way to my throat when I looked over while driving and my brother has my camera fully outside of my car that is traveling at 50 MPH! Took a lot of trust and prayer on my end. We had a blast though. It was neat to see through the eyes of a (soon to be) 12yr old young man. So, I hope you enjoy a little taste of our fun spring shoot.

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